Saturday, January 19, 2013

A Point of No Return

A few years ago I saw a 41 year old man, owner of a small business, for a gambling addiction. Once he built a successful business, he decided to take life easy and enjoy the fruits of his labor. He got hooked onto Poker and Blackjack and liked the royal treatment he received in the Las Vegas casinos. In due course, he also became addicted to alcohol. Naturally, his business suffered due to a lack of attention. Mounting losses and debt drove him to anti-depressants and sleep aides.  These medications made matters worse by clouding his judgment.

I wanted to make sure before accepting him as a patient, that he had not crossed the point of no return. His business was battered, but not dead. Besides, he was committed to give up his addictions, regain his reputation and get his business back on track. I told him that he was on the edge, but had not crossed the point of no return. If he had closed his business, he had no chance of recovering from his plight because he would have had nothing to lose. People fall into an abyss once they cross the point of no return. By appreciating good health, a loving family and a successful career you will not reach the point of no return and that will be a turning point in your life.

Balasa Prasad

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