Saturday, January 5, 2013

Legalizing Marijuana (pot) leads to more pot-heads on the street

As an anesthesiologist and intervention pain management specialist I do not believe pot should be legalized for two reasons. First, there are many powerful less addictive analgesics and minimally invasive pain management techniques to manage chronic painful conditions. Besides analgesics are smooth and benign anti-emetics available to help people who are receiving chemotherapy for cancer. Secondly, the abuse potential of human beings knows no boundaries. There are no monitoring systems that can prevent legalized pot from falling into the wrong hands eager to make a quick buck or to get high. Therefore, I believe there is no redeeming value to legalize marijuana. It is high time for society to take a serious look at the dark side of the legalization of marijuana and prevent an impending catastrophe.

Balasa Prasad M.D

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